Advantages Of Extensive Reading

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1. Rationale for extensive
Extensive reading refers to when someone is reading for fun. The term ‘extensive reading’ was stated by Palmer (1997) to show the difference between extensive and intensive reading. Extensive reading is when someone reads a book, article or magazine in his/her own time. This form of reading can play an important role when it comes to developing comprehension. According to the TME 301 course reader, learners who want to learn a second language for example English, learners will need comprehensive input (TME course reader 301). This means that learners need to get plenty exposure to reading materials in the language they want to obtain. Krashen (1981) argues that learners can acquire language on their own if they receive plenty of exposure to and if it’s done in a relaxed environment. Schools should make room for extensive reading in schools. Learners will be able to improve their vocabulary and language use. Extensive reading is a significant way of improving both the vocabulary of a person and ones reading skills (Nuttal 1982). When learners can improve their vocabulary they will enjoy reading and read more 'extensively '. If learners read more they will automatically learn more. Learner will show competence when participating in reading activities.
Reading allows ones knowledge
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Alxandra is striving for the best. She is a very ambitious girl and is living life to the fullest at that young age. She wants to be a well-known girl. She is the type of girls that will go big or go on. Alexandra’s dream is to become a top chef. She gets an opportunity to be on TV, but what will happen? However, Alexander always lands up in some sort of trouble or ‘disaster’. Even when she almost fails her makes a recovery and her friend are always there to root for her. I think she got the name, Alexandra the Great, because she always managed to turn something good into something slightly good. The book even contains recipes of what Alexandra makes in

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