Factory Farming Economic Advantages

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Source: Factory Farming: Economic Advantage or Ecological Disaster
This source concentrates mainly on industrialized swine farming. The most obvious problem brought up is the amount of waste produced by these swine farms. Waste is either stored in closed vats, spread over fields for fertilization or stored in open-air lagoons. The most eco-friendly method is that of using closed vats, in which the waste is treaded. Unfortunately it is expensive and therefore the latter two methods are used a lot more. The problem with the waste lagoons is that they are prone to leakage. In heavy rains, overflow is able to flow freely from the lagoons, contaminating waterways with excess nitrogen and dangerous bacteria. The method of spreading waste over soil
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2016). Thus showing how it is actually not economically advantageous for factory farms to be taking over the agriculture industry. Poor people are the ones suffering. For example it’s the farm workers who have been losing their jobs for years, the people who cannot afford clean water supply, but drink straight from waterways contaminated by factory farms. These are the people who suffer the most. The source discusses the difficulties of providing for an overpopulated planet, but shows how factory farming is not the correct way to go about it in a sense that it is ecologically as well as economically damaging to the world. “The challenge of feeding a growing population is formidable, but managing the planet’s ecosystem is an even bigger challenge” (Rundgren, GR.…show more content…
It looks at industrialized farming’s contribution to global warming, water pollution and air pollution. The source also shows the same public health threats and diseases shown by the other sources. A new and significant fact given by this source is this: “High protein animal based diets can be detrimental to one’s health and are proven to lead to many deadly conditions” (Horrigan. L, 2002). The source looks at how factory farmed produce is of a lower quality, but also claims that society is making a fatal error in the way that people are consuming way too much animal protein, and actually need more plant in their diets. If factory farming of animals was educed and the money and energy needed for it was put into plant based agriculture, there would be far few starving people in this

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