What Are The Advantages Of Federalism Essay

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Since there is a constant change in what the country needs, it is necessary for the government to keep up with those changes. For the government to keep up with the county, the system needs to evolve with it. Fortunately, the United States has not stuck to the exact policies formed by the founding fathers. There have been some advances in how national and state power work together. Federalism is the idea that government power is divided between the nation and states. Over time the government has been able to transform the system into what they believe may be beneficial for the country. Although federalism has differed over time, it still has not given America full democracy or equality. There are aspects that are conducted by both the federal and state governments, such as taxes. Both the federal and states have their own affairs in which they have control. The federal government deals with aspects such as war with foreign countries, while states deal with aspects such as licensing. We have this separation of governments because of federalism. Federalism began as a way to balance the powers of the federal and state governments. Rather, federalism has allowed for the federal government to play a…show more content…
It also allows for certain individual, groups, or even social movements to partake in shaping the public policies in their communities with the two levels of government that Federalism creates. Although these advantages are true and have happened, it does not prove that Federalism has brought us to a complete balance in democracy and equality. There are too many economic differences in each state with incomes, funding, and the varying types of costs. When dealing with national issues, there can be an act or policy proposed but if Congress or the Supreme Court find it violates the Constitution, it can hold back the effort in addressing the national

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