Advantages Of Fee-Pricing Strategy Of Private Universities

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6. Fee-Charging Strategy of Indian Private Universities :
Since private universities are self-financing institutions, their annual revenue is mainly dependent on their fee collection strategy by offering innovative futuristic and demand based courses. Depending upon the location, infrastructure, quality, innovation, and placement service provided, private universities collect a different amount of annual course fees. Based on observation on fee collection for different courses, the fee-charging strategy of private universities can be divided into Low fees-low cost strategy, High cost-high quality strategy, and Nominal fees-High quality strategy.

6.1 Low Fees – Low-cost Strategy :
Many private universities follow low-fees and low-cost strategy
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Some of the private universities which follow such strategy are listed in Table 9 with a sample of annual fees charged for their B.Tech. and MBA programmes. Many of private universities in Table 9 charges nearly Rs. 1,00,000 for B.Tech programmes and between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 for MBA programmes. Many of these universities are financially supported by either Charitable Trust or through public donations and contributions. Table 9 includes private universities who have quality education for a nominal fee. Nominal fee falls under the category of Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.2,50,000 which is decent fee structure and affordable for many of the students. These are the universities which are offering good quality education with nominal fees and are established on or before 2010 and reached many students all over the world by their quality, commitment, and fee…show more content…
University 1,58,250 1,58,000
14 SRM University, Haryana 2,16,000 1,68,000

7. Private Universities with Medical Courses :
Some of the private universities have started medical courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The financial status and hence the investment abilities of such universities are considered to be high improving and growing in terms of their infrastructure at a faster pace. Table 10 contains the list of private universities which offers medical and Paramedical courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Table 10 : List of Private Universities started before 2010 having Medical Courses including
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