Advantages Of Floriculture In Horticulture

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Floriculture is a part of horticulture. It means that not only the cultivation of flowers, but also other ornamental plants such as foliage plants, trees, shrubs, palms, ferns and landscape gardening and so on also are included in this. In the Horticulture Sector, floriculture receives higher attention because commercial floriculture has developed to one of the most profitable agro-industries in many developed countries. The major export markets for floricultural products in the world are The Netherlands, Japan, U.S.A, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and Spain. With the ability of cultivating floricultural plants throughout the year, floriculture sub-sector has developed tremendously. In 1995, it contributed by over US$. 680 billion when considering the world average earnings, (FAO1998). When considering the Sri Lankan floriculture sub-sector, it began in the recent past. In Sri Lanka, floriculture was first introduced in 1970.In 2012, Sri Lanka reached the world ranking of the 52ndposition. Export earnings of Sri Lanka from floriculture industry in 2010 were US$. 11.7 Million. The positive growth of the Sri Lankan export during the period 2006-2010 was 3% and Sri Lankan share in the world market in 2010 was 0.1%. Production of potted plants and cut foliage is much higher than the production of cut flowers. Export income of cut flowers in 2010 was US$. 4.7 Million, while the export income of cut foliage and live plants in 2010 were US$7.04Million (Sri Lanka Export

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