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Nowadays, with the modern technology development, there are more and more different chemistry uses in food industry, like food storage, transportation and many ways which will need food additives to keep food fresh and nutritious. The food additive’s main difference lies in whether it is naturally formed or artifically synthesized. Except from this, China divides food additives into 24 different food additives including flavoring agents, coloring agents, bleaching agent, texturizing agents, miscellaneous additives and so on; they play very important role in our daily life.
Recently there is a news titled “Kids ' Use of Artificial Sweeteners Spiked in Recent Years” reported connection between the sugar substitutes and obesity.
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The importance of sweetness is introspected in the world production of sugar, which rose from 8 million tons in 1900 to 70 million tons in 1970. Any other agricultural product has shown a similar huge increase in production during the same time.

2 Food additives’ advantages and disadvantages
2.1 Food additives’ advantages
The advantages of food additives are obvious. Without food additives, it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of security, selection and convenience in our food supply [2][3][4]. We can find its advantage in maintaining or improving safety and foods’ freshness, to improve or maintain nutritional value and improve taste, texture and appearance.

1. To improve taste, texture and appearance
There are some food additives that can improve the taste, like spices, natural and artificial flavors, and sweeteners are added to enhance the tast of food. Some food additives can give foods expected texture and consistency consumers expect like emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners.
2. To maintain or improve safety and
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2.2 Food additives’ disadvantage
Except from the advantages of food additives, there are also many risks and negative effects from food additives. We can find many news in our daily life about food additives leading to some diseases, and many people now are really worried about the use of food additives, so the regulation and basic information about the negative impacts on food additives is important.

3 Regulations in food additives’ use
3.1 European food additives’ regulations
Every member country of the European Union (EU) has had for many years its own legislation on food additives. Foods composed of a vital part of the economy. And food additive legislation has proved to be a useful means for protectionist measures and for trade block across frontiers. The idea is now generally accepted that open markets promote economic development. European Food and Drug Administration make a list of all the food additives.

Categories of food additives

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