Advantages Of Food And Beverage Service

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Food and beverage service is a service that prepare drink in the bar and prepare food in the kitchen to the guests or customers in the hotel, restaurant, or others. Food and beverage outlets can be divided to a few categories. Restaurant, bar, lounge, room, conference and meeting room, ballroom, delicatessen.Beverage is a common name to us but many people do not know what is beverage and also what is beverage stands for. The meaning of beverage is any liquid that can quench the thirst. For example, the liquid water that we taking every day is also a type of beverage, beverage is very important to human to survive. Beverage is a need and wants of a human, need is the water than drink by the human every day, want is the different type of drink other than water such as beer, champagne, soft drinks, fruit juices and also wine. Actually beverage is any type of liquid item. In the food and beverage section, beverage is the most important in the restaurant because without beverage section, the restaurant is nothing. Beverage item can be hot or cold, alcoholic and also non-alcoholic, beverage is a thing that you can used to drink. The word ‘Beverage’ is used to replace the word ‘Drinks’, for all the drinks in the bar, shop, restaurant, café, restaurant, and others. If the guests want to have alcoholic drinks, they will get beer, wine, or spirit, but if the guests want to get non-alcoholic drinks they will get hot or cold or any type of soft drinks.

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