Advantages Of Free Speech

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Using your own examples from print, broadcasting, film, radio or TV, discuss the relative merits of free speech protections versus policies restricting speech, e.g. hate speech legislation. Use Irish and/or international references.

Free Speech Vs Political Correctness
"The plain fact is that not all free speech is good speech. Which means that freedom of speech is not always a sound or just public policy." ' Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy and should be a right that all are entitled to. In the United States the topic of free speech is more contentious as it is written into the constitutional rights, it is a worldwide issue and has come more into focus recently in Ireland. In a recent survey by Claire Byrne 65% of people believe that there should not be a restriction on free speech. Recently a controversial article was published by Nicholas Pell in The Irish Times regarding the alt-right movement, which included glossary of terms, which people found sexist and racist. The Times have defended publishing the article, stating that they feel readers can be challenged to form their own opinions on the matter. Many people stated that by publishing the article, The Irish Times were normalising the hate and racism rhetoric that is espoused by movement members. Many people claim that we are living in a “PC” world, as celebrities, broadcasters and politicians have to be more careful with their words and actions than ever. Though the term “PC” world has gone on to become
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