Advantages Of Free Tuition

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The federal government should not pay for two years of community college. The cost is too high and there are better ways to help students to successfully attend and graduate from community colleges. There are too many hurdles and cost differences among states for the government to provide free tuition. Current scholarships and grants are already in place to help low-income students. Ways other than just free tuition may be more effective in both motivating and in helping students succeed in college. Free tuition will cause tremendous damage in the enrollment and quality of education. If the federal government provides free tuition then it will have a greater influence on educational standards. Colleges such as Valencia Community College are involved with setting their own standards. All these are reasons community college tuition should not be provided by the federal government for free.Many hurdles and cost differences among states would make it too complicated for the federal government to provide free tuition. States would have to agree to participate in the free tuition program. States that choose to participate in the free tuition program would have shared responsibility. The federal government would contribute 75% of the average cost of community colleges. States would contribute the remaining 25%. (“Fact”). It is difficult to get all the states to agree on joint programs. For example, Medicaid expansion did not work well because 19 states chose not to participate
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