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Topic- Justify French Language Learning

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French Language is a very important language of the world. It originated in Europe. French originated from vulgarian latin when the now modern France(ancient Gaul) was attacked by Romans. So French has its vocabulary and structure originated from Latin but it also has words from celtic origin.
French language learning is very important as it is spoken in large part of the world and mass number of people speak French . So if you know French you can communicate to these people. French literature is very good so if you know French
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Currently there is an

enormous increase in evangelical church growth throughout French-speaking countries in

Africa. This growth is also seen among Africans living abroad in Europe and north


The strategic importance of the French-speaking world

Because of the nearly 1 billion people represented in the French-speaking world, France,

and in particular Paris, had previously helped in the formation of a caliphate under the

regime of bennito musollini and after influenced a huge chunk of world population There

is no city in the French-speaking world that has the capacity to take on the the cultural,

economic and political influence of Paris. .

The French-speaking world is also one of the most important battle grounds between the

Judeo-Christian values of the west and the radical Islamic values of the middle east have

been juxtaposed many a times. Nowhere is this more visible than in many French-

speaking African nations as well as France and Belgium.

It is essential that the English-speaking world wake up to the strategic importance of this

part of the world and help in building harmony with that of eastern nations so that

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