Disadvantages Of Gatekeeping

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A question many health care systems managers must ask themselves is whether to utilise gatekeeping within their managed health system, or not. Gatekeeping is a concept that can be used through many professions in today’s world – from small-scale businesses to international health care systems. There are health care systems in countries that use gatekeeping, and there are those that do not; each of them with their own perks and facing their own challenges. Gatekeeping, however, influences the systems’ access, quality, efficiency and equity. These are factors ministers and managers must think of while deciding on whether gatekeeping is a system they choose to utilise, or not to. Gatekeeping is a term that refers to the role and ability of…show more content…
Her GP can refer her to the correct specialist for the correct treatment required, as GPs have the right knowledge and connections to advise their patients on where to seek treatment (Weynants, 2015). A flow on advantage of this is diminishing the risk of Amber misdiagnosing herself with the wrong condition and seeking the wrong medical care/treatment. This reduces her costs of having to re-seek more medical treatment to correct her condition. Another advantage includes Amber having to pay less. If she needed to go to the hospital for more specialised care, by getting a referral from her GP, her consultation at the hospital is free. Some disadvantages include delays Amber would have to wait. She would have waiting times for both the appointment to see her GP and further waiting time to see the specialist. This could have a negative impact on Ambers’ condition, as the longer she waits, the probability of her medical condition deteriorating increases (Prentice & Pizer, 2007), meaning she may need more specialised treatment. Another disadvantage is that Amber may have repeated examinations (Siu, 2015). This is because while her GP would’ve sent her medical files and notes from their consultation to the specialist, sometimes this does not always happen, (Weynants, 2015). Sometimes parts of the files/notes are not sent through, meaning the specialist as to repeat some examinations that will aid them in making an appropriate decision of what treatment plant to give Amber. This uses up some of the appointment time as well, giving the specialist slightly less time than

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