Advantages Of Genetic Engineering

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This paper is about Genetic Engineering and its Advantages. Genetic Engineering is the scientific practice of manipulating the genes of a living organism also a faster way to engineer new varieties of living things and their traits. Genetic Engineering is highly controversial since some people believe that genetic engineering is playing God. As this fact, there is a foe to the advance of this area by people who do not see the value in genetic engineering, or they fear what genetic manipulation may lead to for us as people. It gives humans the power to determine the genetic make-up of any living creature, including human beings. Though there are benefits to genetic engineering, there are also drawbacks to genetic manipulation as well as moral…show more content…
“In 1972, Paul Berg utilized restriction enzymes to combine two molecules together. He takes DNA from a monkey which they call the SV40 virus and combines it with a lambda virus which is a bacterial virus. This was one of the few early genetically modified organisms. However, it has been 33 years and genetic modification has improved drastically. Scientists in Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China has claimed that they had engineered embryos to modify the gene responsible for the fatal blood disorder thalassemia. This however caused a lot of controversies, Human Genetics Alert Director, Dr. David King says, “This news emphasizes the need for an immediate global ban on the creation of GM designer babies.” The reasons why designer babies are not wanted is because this allows the rich to buy themselves a baby with genetic advantages better than anyone else.” From Genome New…show more content…
Take for example Animals have been genetically modified to mature at an increased speed and resist some diseases. Some cows have been genetically engineered to make human milk for infants whose mothers can’t make milk on their own. Most deadly and difficult disease that have built up resistance so it can’t be destroyed could be wiped out of existence with genetic manipulation in a matter of days. You know how Cystic Fibrosis is a dangerous disease that we can’t cure with medication right? Well, it could be cured if we manipulate the DNA of parent so it would be removed from future offspring. Which takes me to my other advantage. With engineering, we could eliminate all diseases and illnesses in future and young offspring. I have another question for you, would you like to live longer? If that’s a yes, genetic engineering could help you do so. We could revert some of the body’s natural decline on a cellular level. Which could expand your lifespan and also make you healthier? In our world, today we use genetic engineering if you didn’t know that. Well if you didn’t or didn’t know how we used it, I will tell you. We use it by changing plants DNA to help them survive all kinds of climate or natural disasters like drought or flood. But that’s not all, we also engineer them to produce more food than they originally wood. If you thought I

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