Advantages Of Global Marketing

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Advantages of Global Marketing A global marketing strategy can expand the consumer base and improve the company reputations. It just one component of the global business strategy, and should be planned carefully taking into account every aspect of the different markets in the country in which the company hope to do business. The global marketing strategy of the companies must have concrete goals and a clear vision about the strengths and weaknesses present in each overseas market, and how they will deal with them or make them to the company advantage. There are many advantages of global marketing strategy. The first advantage of global marketing strategy is the company will grow and developed faster. The effective global marketing strategy…show more content…
Every company that considering taking their product or service global need to understand the benefits that their get when going global. The plan for entering global markets must be different from the domestic marketing strategy due to the variations in the culture, customs, language and needs of customers and potential customers of the company. The global company usually retains the capability, reach, knowledge, staff, skills, insight, and expertise to deliver value to customers worldwide. It’s important to make detailed market research regarding demographics, as well as the need and level of demand for the company product or service in a particular area before going global. For the companies who want to market their products globally, they should recognize a marketing mix that works in the domestic market may not have the same success in another market. A global company with caution must research the various markets, and willing to make adjustments to the product and its messaging whenever required. Sometimes there will be a change of name. For example Chevy Nova did not practice in Spain means “no go”. Sometimes it also involves the change of the packaging, for example in America, Gerber baby food has a cute baby on a label to represent the brand but in some countries buyers expect an image to represent the contents of the jar and were appalled by the image. Any company involved in global marketing operations dealing with some of the most important strategic decisions. At the outset, the results basically do companies need to be made for some degree of internationalization. Increasingly, companies will find that the presence of a strong global logic demands that global marketing must be continued for competitive reasons and that it is often not an option strategy. Once done, the company needs to make a decision on where to go, both in terms of
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