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Google Inc., is a giant, an Internet giant with the record of 22.9 billion dollars solely on the advertising revenues in 2009. Furthermore, Google cooperation is the indisputable leader of the internet search. It’s so big that every generation knows about it. In the October of 2013, Google‘s shares has been surged to a high record of more than 1000 dollars per shares. Solely by the comparison, Google’s initial public offering in August 2004 was 85 dollars per share. In less than ten years Goggle price has increased rapidly and nearly 1200%. What makes Google so successful? It’s their competitive advantage. Today we are going to discuss about Google and their competitive advantage which make them successful.
Google operates in a very competitive
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Even in the 90s Google have received acclaim, with the PC magazine naming in the list of “Top 10 Web site and Search Engine for 1998”. In between the end year of 1998 and 1999, the numbers of queries have increased from 10.000 to 50,000 queries daily. Since then, Google has been refined and enhanced with newer features, even until now Google has been updating their software. In the 2010 year alone Google have 516 improvement in to search, such as install search and etc. Undoubtedly, Goggle is the best search engine available that beat all its competitors. All generations uses Google at some point and find its information useful. The biggest competitors for Google Inc. is Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo Search. Google will at least handles 3 million searches daily. Which is a market share of 67% in the 2012. By comparison to Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo Search, they only holds market share of 16% and 13% in the year…show more content…
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