Advantages Of Grammar Translation Method

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Over the past few decades, English language which was the language of a small island people changed into an international language. Today, English language which becomes truly global is viewed as an important language to learn not as something optional. People learn this language for different purposes, but the main reason can be that it is the international language for worldwide communication. In all over the world, this language becomes one of the most widely taught languages; in different countries, English is required as compulsory subjects. Like other countries in Afghanistan, a numerous number of students learn English in primary and secondary classrooms. In Afghan school, teacher has been teaching English for nine years; and they focus on grammar a lot rather than other skills. Like traditional teachers, Afghan teachers also believe that language is made up of rules, and to know those rules one must learn the grammar first. The method that Afghan teachers use in teaching grammar is similar to deductive method, but I believe that it is not the appropriate method for EFL students; therefore, I suggest that they should implement the new method which is inductive because learners learn effectively when they actively participate. Among all other skill of a language, the most argumentative and least understood…show more content…
This approach was mostly applied in grammar translation method which is called deductive approach. According to Hulstijn (2005), deductive approach which is based on memorization and imitation occurs with presentation of grammar rules by the teacher and is followed by the examples which focus the grammatical point. The learners engage with the grammatical rules and produce their own examples. The state scholar mentions that this method is also called top-down process where rules are presented firstly then examples are

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