Advantages Of Green Economy

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What is Green Economy?
A Green Economy can be considered as an alternative vision for development and advancement; one that can produce development and progress individuals lives in reliable ways with sustainable development. A Green Economy endorses a triple primary concern: maintaining and progressing financial, ecological and social prosperity (Talberth, 2011). Some of the features of a green economy are as follows:
a. It is low carbon, asset productive, and socially comprehensive.
b. Development in income and occupation must be driven by community and private investment that diminish carbon emission and corruption, improve vitality and resource efficiency and keep the loss of biodiversity and biological system administrations c. Green Economy is a useful economy that gives a superior personal satisfaction for all inside the biological furthest reaches of the planet. From Presentation
Green Economy help human to invest in green investment to save their life from harmful substance. When people start investing in the green economy it helps us to increase the quantity and quality of jobs in the green sector. When we use green economy it helps to increase in the global and local environmental benefits. One of the advantage of the greenhouse it reduce the waste and pollution in the environment because green economy is a nature and it’s clean (Fareed Bushehri, 2012).

The UAE being a desert country has experienced how difficult it is to live conditions with scarce
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