Advantages Of Green Mass Communication And Media

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(9) Green Mass communication & media :
Mass communication and media can adopt information and communication technology (ICT) for transmission of video & audio information. The various opportunities in mass communication and media are: promoting online E-News papers to decrease paper and ink usage and its consequence on environmental pollution can be minimized. Video conferencing using ICT to transmit information for TV channels, news agencies shall minimize transportation and contributes to the green environment. Digital advertisements replace advertisements in newspapers, magazines and posters which intern minimize the pollution and supports green environment. Online education, TV channel based education & online Training programmes decrease the physical material usage and also environmental degradation. Innovation in integrating mass communication, video camera, audio recording & hearing, and mobile applications in a single device leads to decrease in recycling of many electronic devices. The challenges include the latest technology adoption, training the people, cost, mindset to change.

(10) Green Health care Services :

Health care services are also in mode of going green with the rising innovation and technology. Health sector also targets sustainability as one of their objectives of service. They are also working towards minimizing the ill effects of environment and reducing the medical garbage. They identify the best plans, practices and utilise their operating

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