Advantages Of Green Transportation

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Greener transportation is a practice or method that is eco-friendly and have very limited negative effects to the environment. The negative effects of our current transportation system is large and hence having sustainable transportation is very important to the whole world. Green transportation involves effective and efficient resource utilization, changes in transportation structure and making healthier travel choices. Greener and sustainable environment started many years ago. The first mode of transport used was walking and really helped the people to reach to others except that it was slow and energy consuming. Passenger rails and tram were then invented and used for a while after which bicycle came to exist at last. Moreover, World…show more content…
Most of the countries are trying to put down some laws regarding the gas emission, fuel consumption, cost of the products and so on, so that the manufacturers can follow it and then produce eco-friendly products. (online_1) asserted that, “Because Malaysia, a newly industrializing country, is developing quickly, it has to contend with increasing air pollution generated by transport and industry”. Greener transportation is well evaluated in different ways and that depending depend on individual or a group. According to O. Feyzioglu, M.S. Ersoy and G. Buyukozkan (p.396), “In our decision model, ten evaluation criteria given below are further classified into four groups: economical, technical, environmental and social”. Therefore it is strongly agreed that the concept of greener transportation be understand and applied around the world because it is pollutionless, healthier and…show more content…
Stephen A Stansfeld and Mark P Matheson (2003, vol.68, p.243) argued that, “noise, defined as ‘unwanted sound’, is perceived as an environmental stressor and nuisance. Noise pollution is another very common pollution in urban areas nowadays due to many reasons and as well it’s never good for a sustainable environment. Henk M.E. Miedema and Catharina G.M. Oudshoorn (2001, vol.109, no.4, p.409) affirmed that, “The growing transportation network with increasing traffic densities is a primary cause of the high prevalence of noise annoyance.” According to Stephen A Stansfeld and Mark P Matheson (2003, vol.68, p.253), “The evidence for effects of environmental noise on health is strongest for annoyance, sleep and cognitive performance in adults and children. Occupational noise exposure also shows some association with raised blood pressure. Dose–response relationships can be demonstrated for annoyance and, less consistently, for blood pressure. The effects of noise are strongest for those outcomes that, like annoyance, can be classified under ‘quality of life’ rather than illness. What these effects lack in severity is made up for in numbers of people affected, as these responses are very

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