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Introduction The HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is Protocol that is used for sending and receiving digital information through analog wires. This operation is happen between smart devices and control system. This protocol is a bi-directional in communication system which is capable of transmitting data in both directions, but not at the same time. From this property, it can provide access to the data between intelligent field instruments and host systems. The HART is also called MASTER-SLAVE communication protocol where the master device initiate the slave device communication. Moreover, HART protocol is consistent with the existing 4-20mA systems. The features of the HART Protocol, which are the simplicity and its low cost, are the reason of widespread in instrumentation systems. Also, it is the only one who supports both analog and digital communication at the same time. The other advantages of HART Protocol are as follows: fully open de facto standard, can use multiple devices along the same highway and multiple masters to control the same device, suitable for long distance…show more content…
Universal commands which all HART devices must support common practice commands that are recommended and device or manufacturer specific commands that are well specific to a device type or a manufacturer. HART is a master/slave protocol which means that a field device the slave only provides data when it is requested by the host system. The master the HART protocol supports two masters which are a primary and secondary. This allows secondary masters such as handheld communicators to be used without disrupting communications with the primary master the host system. A typical installation with a HART device connected to a host system is Poland response. Then, the host requests a specific HART command and the device responds with the

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