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Introduction This assessment will assess about the halal food industry in Malaysia. First of all, in our country Malaysia, we actually have a lot of different race, which are Chinese, Indian, Malay and many more. Besides that, different race they have different culture, therefore we have to respect each other. In the Muslim’s culture, they have an Islamic law, all the Malay’s they should need to follow the Islamic law. Islamic law as known as Sharia law. Some of the country, not only in Malaysia, they also have Muslim people. For example, united States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Austria, and much more. For those country also have Muslim people, but there is not implemented in any country of the world, most Muslim countries have their own…show more content…
For the advantages of the halal food is the halal food is more beneficial than the non-halal food. For example, halal food can help us to reduce the risk of the food poisoning. Because some of the non-halal product there have bacteria or not hygienic enough. For example, Non-halal foods, especially meat, can cause problems with the liver, kidneys and other organs. Halal food are easier to digest for the people who eat halal food. This is also an advantages of the Halal food. Halal food certification in Malaysia Halal certification is a process by which meat or food is certified by a government-controlled institution or a credible Islamic organization certifies and labels a company's products to be lawfully consumed by Muslims. Companies selling halal food must meet this standard and be certified with its Halal logo. For example, people who want to create or open a small business for selling the halal product, they must have the certificate of the Halal only they can run the business. The Halal Certificate is to ensure that certain products have been thoroughly investigated and found to be in accordance with Islamic law and are suitable for use by Halal Consumers. Therefore, the government Malaysia they cannot be…show more content…
Currently is the most profitable and market influence of the stage. The halal food market has started grown strongly in the last decade. Apart from that, halal food represents close to 20% of the entire global food industry. In the future, demand of the halal food is strong. Many food economic posit that the halal food industry will become a major market force in the near future. From the market review, the main target market is still in Asia and the Middle East. However, in United Kingdom Europe and so on, halal food will see market increase in the future. It is the opportunity to bring the Halal food to the Global mainstream. Which means, Halal food market will become increasingly influential in the mature market of the Middle East and Asia in particular the impact of the global corporate halal

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