Advantages Of Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy

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Market Penetration to gain more share with its current products in its current market Another option is to follow the “market penetration strategy” i.e keep on doing what you do best and stick to it. This strategy will help them gain more market share with its current products in its current markets just by focusing on their customer needs. This would be the easiest strategy to do because their target segment is full of passionate riders who immediately fall for their products.
Advantages-The main point behind this idea is to ensure that their existing clients keep on riding the bikes into their retirement, which will help promote the idea “bike for any age”. It is clearly evident that Harley-Davidson is not just the bike it’s a lifestyle
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Focus on Generation Y by Product development-As we know that Younger generation is kind of untapped market for Harley-Davidson that has a global and local potential. If the company decides to choose this strategy they can develop a new sports bike especially designed for the young generation (Include customer friendly attributes like fast speed, cheaper prices, light weight and sleek looking motorcycle and yes not to forget elemental dark colors) that will help touching the “black world” of the younger generation.
Advantages-It will appeal more to Generation “Y” and pose a threat by competing in the same category as their competitors (BMW,Suzuki and Yamaha)
Being a new product price point can be set according to the market needs which allows more people to own brand like Harley Davidson which was not possible before.
Disadvantages-This strategy will lose their existing loyal customers, as they would not see any value the new product. Another drawback could be that the lower priced motorcycle will actually dilute the Harley-Davidsons exclusivity
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Implementation Plan-
• Harley-Davidson has to engage with young people through social media and offer them the power to become brand ambassadors.
• I would suggest keeping the new Sports bike under the Umbrella brand (Harley-Davidson) will ensure Quality and brand recognition.
• Market the new bike on mobile /computer racing games because they are very popular in younger generation.
• Promote this new category in young generation movies like it was done in the past for heavyweights.
• Company can focus on celebrity endorsement as done by nike,addidas and other successful brands.
• Digital marketing should be opted for luring younger generation.
Conclusion- Altogether Harley-Davidson is a strong brand which attracts very large group of consumers but due to some major mistakes there was a question mark on their sustainability. If they can attract young people they will be able to sell more than before and for doing so they have to think and act as Generation “Y”. This can be achieved by adopting creative marketing techniques especially on social networking sites.Last but not the least as per the current trends Generation “Y” value authenticity and brand than ever before (Apple is the living example). This situation can actually favor Harley-Davidson because they believe in sticking to the brand values and at the same time they offer

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