Advantages Of Having A BSN Essay

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While many nurses have an Associate’s Degree in Nursing which gives them the education and skills to enter the job field, a Bachelors of Science in Nursing opens more job opportunities, higher paid salary and more job accountability. With the trend of all new hired nurses being require to have a BSN there is no time like the present to take advantage of a higher education. There are many benefits for a registered nurse to obtain their BSN, many Magnet Hospitals will not hire without a BSN or to be enrolled in a BSN program. Magnet Hospitals set the bar for excellent nurses and exceptional patient care in specialty areas. According to Ameritech (2016), “More eligible jobs with higher salary are an advantage of having a BSN. Having a BSN is required to hold a management, leadership or specialty position. Nurses with BSN are shown to have better critical thinking skills, lower mortality rates and quality nursing skills.” In addition, Ameritech (2016) states “BSN nurses are prized for their skills in critical thinking, leadership, case management, and health promotion, and for their ability to practice across…show more content…
According to K. Daley (2017) in the article from The American Nurse; narrowing the gap between clinical and academic salaries is also necessary to create incentives for nurses to pursue advanced education in order to qualify for faculty positions. Second, employers must place greater emphasis on the attainment of higher education levels by nurses through hiring practices, as well as by facilitating educational advancement opportunities. Moreover, it is critically important that nurses without a BSN take advantage of opportunities to pursue advanced education to become better prepared to care for patients in an increasingly complex health care delivery system (Daley,

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