Advantages Of Having A Girlfriend Essay

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Having a girlfriend is quite a challenge because girls' moods and attitudes are complex compared to men. They also have varied likes and dislikes and can change their mind over something even before you can say the words "okay". One moment they like to have that bag on sale, yet on the next minute they prefer that dress hanging over the corner. However, no matter how varied and changing a woman is, I know that you still love that girlfriend of yours and you want what is best for her. Knowing the gifts to get your girlfriend may be quite challenging because of her constant change of moods and likes. Celebrating special occasions such as her birthday might give you a headache just thinking of the best gift to get her. Fret not, though, because your girlfriend is like every other girls who take pleasure in whatever things that…show more content…
Romantic dinner for two - this may be very common just like chocolates and flowers, but a romantic dinner is more than that. It may be common but the essence of the dinner and whatever memories created during that romantic dinner will leave your girl contented for the rest of the night. You may also include few surprises for that romantic dinner such as singing or dancing for her which you don't usually do. 9. Couple shirt and couple shoes - couple things may be a bit corny for most but it is kind of cute to see a couple wearing the same thing. If you are a bit uncomfortable with this, just keep in mind that this is only for a day and you are doing this to make your girlfriend happy on her birthday. 10. Engagement ring - this is perhaps the best gift that you can give to your girl. If you are not yet ready for a lifetime commitment, then definitely, this gift is not for you to give. But if you are already sure about your love for your girlfriend and you are thinking of spending the rest of your life with her, then one of the best time to propose to her is during her birthday. A marriage proposal maybe the best gift that you can offer

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