Advantages Of Healthy Cooking Methods

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Healthy cooking method
A healthy cooking method is to retain the flavour and nutritional value without adding excessive fats. It is divide into two group which is dry-heat method and moist-heat method. Dry-heat method means the heat is transferred from a heat source to the food item without the aid of a liquid medium. The temperature will be more than 300℉. The heat will be transferred to food via air and called as a radiation process, which includes roasting, broiling and sautéing, Moist-heat method means the foods cooked with liquid or steam and needed at 212℉ temperature. Moist-heat method includes steaming and poaching. Steaming is a process that carry and circulate the hot steam to the foods. It works by boiling the water continuously to reach a high temperature enough to generate steam. The food is placed in a food steamer and kept separate from the boiling water. Steamed fish will retain all the natural minerals and it cook in their own juices. It will also retains the taste, colour and juiciness of the fish. It also does not requires oil to cook the fish. Poaching is a process that submerged the foods in the liquid such as water or stock. It is relatively low temperature around 160℉ to 180℉. The surface of the liquid should not rolling boil and just with the possibility of a bubbles. For examples, fish, poultry and so on. Roasting is a process that use an oven’s dry heat to circulate and evenly cook the foods. It need higher temperature to get an attractive

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