Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living Holacracy

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Part3: Living Holacracy

How Holacracy can be adopted in a company or organization? How a company can shift from the traditional system to Holacracy? These are the questions all the organizations willing to adopt Holacracy, ask before they start the process.
In order to get the whole benefits of Holacracy, it is not a good idea to just adopt part of the system, this will not change the power structure which is where the real potential lies. If an organization can not really adopt and practice the whole Holacracy the other option is, they can take on all the rules in only part of the company, especially in large companies. Practicing Holacracy in one department before the organization goes all in will help to build internal skills and experience
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Any organization that is practicing Holacracy can bring a qualified external coach to help with the changes that are going to happen in the organization, however some of the organization do not want to have an external help due to financial problems and they prefer to adopt Holacracy without outside help. Usually they will consider some training before they begin implementing the system. There are plenty of public trainings and workshops available that can fit their budget and schedule and prepare them before starting this new system. The more the member of a team or the employees in an organization practice and experience Holacracy in learning environment, the easier and faster they can adapt the changes.
There are five steps to implement Holacracy:
• Adopt the Holacracy constitution
One of the most important steps during applying Holacracy is removing the power from one person and give it to all the organization.
• Set up a shared system for governance records
In order to practice Holacracy, there is a need to have a place to record and store the organization’s current rules and operational information
• Define the initial
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There are many applications which designed for the companies or organization running on the management hierarchy operating system and not many for Holacracy. All the organizations can design their own systems but they may find it useful to see what is ready available. HolacracyOne has a Holacracy “app store”, a website which the companies that practice Holacracy can share, use and find general applications.
Holacracy is not for every one and sometimes it is not stick. There are three common scenarios that Holacracy does not work:
• The reluctant to let go leader
Holacracy adoption will fail when the leader is not ready to let go of power and allow the process to distribute the power and authority through the whole organization and all employees.
• The uncooperative middle
In this scenario, the CEO is committed and accepted the new rules, but one level lower that it can be middle managers or executive managers are not cooperative and this will lead to the failure of Holacracy in the organization.
• The stopping short

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