Advantages Of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS ARE THEY MORE EFFICIENT THAN PETROL ENGINES? Table of Contents Plagiarism Declaration 2 Research Question 2 Introduction 3 Hypothesis 4 How the Hydrogen Fuel Cells Work 4 Hydrogen Fuel in Use 5 The Hydrogen Car 5 The Hydrogen Boat 5 The Hydrogen Tram 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydrogen Cells 6 Advantages 6 Disadvantages 6 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 7 Plagiarism Declaration http:/ Research Question Is it safe to use hydrogen, instead of petrol, as fuel in cars? Introduction “The hydrogen fuel-cell is more efficient than conventional petrol engines and the hydrogen – air fuel cell is set to take the world by storm” – (General Motors, 2003) This is the question that…show more content…
• Availability: the biggest one because it is readily available in the air. There is no element on the earth that is as abundant as hydrogen. (Energy, 2015) Disadvantages • Dependency on Fossil Fuels: you need other resources like coal to separate it from the oxygen. • Flammable: hydrogen has a lot of stored energy and there are constant reminders of the risks associated with it. • Ease of Replacing Infrastructure: the bills just seemed to rise when trying to replace the traditional methods with the use of hydrogen and to add on to that there is not existing hydrogen infrastructure to start off with in the first place. • Storage: it’s hard to transport and store. It is very expensive to move large amounts which in turn makes it impractical. • Expense: requires a load of work to isolate the elements like the traditional ways. (Energy, 2015) Conclusion To conclude the investigative question: it is safe to use hydrogen as a suitable replacement for petrol in cars which the slight risk of it catching alight. And petrol has the same risks associated with the product to. Hydrogen is a more environmentally safe fuel with only water vapour as its emissions. This making it the better option for
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