Hot Tub Therapy Research Paper

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Hot tubs provide a relaxaing and warm enviroment that offers a perfect balance of bouyancy and massage, which makes them an ideal tool for many differen tkinds of therapy. From the relif of general discomfort, to the specfialtet treatment of various medical condtions, hot tubs can help to promove diverse aspects of health and wellness. What Is Hydrotherapy? Hot tub therapy or hypotherapy is the utilzaition of warm water to relive discomfort and to promote sphycial well being. Many therapeutic treatments utilzies the healing properties of water for pain relief due. While cold water can be utilzied to stimulate and invigoratee, increasing the body's interal activty, on the other hand warm watercan help to calm, soothe and slow down the body's…show more content…
The heat that transpires from a hot tub therapy session can causes your opres to open up and can cause your skin to sweat. When your pores are opened up, your body is able to relase toxins out through the pores of your skin as you sweat. As such, hot tub sessions can help to detoxify the body. As mentioned before once of thing that happens when the body is submred in warm water is that blood floow increase. What's so interesting about this fact is that the circulation of white blood cells increases as well. This accelrated blood flow enables enables lymph to moved throughout the body more effeitnly than it normally does. Lymp is an immune system fluid that helps to gather and get rid of unwanted substances from the body. As such when lymph gets ciruclated throughout the body at a much faster rate, it essnetally boosts the immune system and makes it more cpapable of fighiing colds and…show more content…
By parakting n a hot tub session for 30 minutes per day, 6 days per week, it can help to decrease the amount of sugar within your blood.However, the benfit it has to offer type 2 diabetics aren't just limtied to that alone the increased circulation it stimlayes causes the heart rate to increase ssimialr to how it increases whenver we exercise. As such, a 45 minute session can help to get the heart pumping at the same it would be if you were running a 5k marathon. As such people who have type 2 diatess whose mobility may be imparied to the poitn where they canp artake in exercise and acheive any menagful weightloss can stand to benefit from this type of therpay. Addionally, it's also worth noting that by opoening of the capillaries and increasing blood flow to the body's extremties, it can help to alleviate the numbness and tingling that's associated with dieabtetes. This kind of therpay can prove to be especially benefical to idnivuals who suffer from arthirits as well. Emerging studies have been continsoulyu dmeonsatrteing that this kind of therpay can imrpove the strenght and gneral fitness of indvuals who have various tyoes of arhtiis. In fact, it can help to alleviate the side effects of this condtions in several

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