Advantages Of I Have A Dream Speech

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Speeches in America’s history have been very powerful and moving. The speech given by Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain before the Battle of Gettysburg that changed the minds of 114 mutineers to fight alongside him in this battle. I feel like I could compare Colonel Chamberlain's speech to the wonderful “I Have a Dream Speech” spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Both of these amazing and powerful words spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. Colonel Chamberlain’s speech were trying to move these mutineers to fight for his regiment that is below half strength and Dr. King is trying to get rid of racism. So both of these men are giving their speech for something incredibly important. Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain used to be a professor. When he signed up, he was instantly ranked as a Colonel and put in charge of the 20th Maine Regiment. His Regiment began 1,000 men and now it is down to below…show more content…
One disadvantage of reading the book is that you can’t see Colonel Chamberlain’s facial expressions or emotions because, when you actually get to see Colonel Chamberlain tear up during the speech it changes the way you thought about it. Another disadvantage of reading the book is you can’t see the setting or the other people in his regiment. The main advantage of reading the book is that you get to visualize and change the words to pictures in your mind. Also when reading you can read it over and over again and you won't miss any important words. One of my disadvantages of watching the movie is that it doesn’t let the viewer use their imagination. Another disadvantage of viewing the movie is that there isn’t a narrator to tell you what Chamberlain is thinking. An advantage of viewing the movie is that you can hear Chamberlain’s voice and see his emotions. Another advantage of watching the movie is that the viewer gets to see one of the mutineers talking to Colonel
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