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After reading the Ikea case, and regarding all aspects learned from the course of studying both the hard system method and the soft system method, in my opinion it is best to select the soft systems approach for Ikea. Here I will be explaining my reasoning behind choosing the soft systems method and not the hard systems method, identifying the strengths and drawbacks of my selection.

A Soft system method is an approach for undertaking real world problems and situations. Hard systems approaches undertake a scientific method, they accept that problems are connected with systems, and they have one solution.
Features of a hard system
The HSM has a number of strengths (Avison & Taylor, 1997), they are that:
• With
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Primary tasks are those that an organization performs effectively in order to survive. In regard to Ikea, the primary task is to offer a long line of quality products with low prices in order to benefit customers and therefore result in an increase in sales, maximize competitive advantage, have a greater work space, and enhance communication with both employees and customers and effectively display all their products and services to them. Issues are subjects or matters of concern that may cause conflict. Effective sales and marketing strategies have to be researched properly and studied in order to know all factors affecting and being affected by the situation. Also, Ikea has to study and balance the pros and cons of their location strategy in order for them to be able to make the most of what they have to benefit themselves and their customers. A rich picture presents all components, facts, opinions, and events subjected by all stakeholders in the…show more content…
A SWOT analysis helps a business identify its position in the market (Görener, Toker, & Uluçay, 2012). Strengths should be considered from an internal viewpoint, as well as from the viewpoint of customers and individuals within the market. When regarding strengths, competitors should be considered in order to be able to compare the business with its competitors in the market. For example, in the given case, Ikea chose to gain competitive advantage through increasing their product line with a wide variety of products made of quality material and offering them at low prices. This would increase demand and increase customer loyalty, resulting in the increase of sales. Another strength of Ikea is that it is already a well-known brand, and that they are willing to improve based on customer needs. Also, costs would be cut down because Ikea would make the most of their work space in regard to being convenient as a workshop, being closer to customers to best serve them, and being closer to raw materials in order to hasten their services. Weaknesses should also be considered from both internal and external viewpoints. Questions like “what could I improve?” “What should I avoid?” “What factors lose sales?” should be asked. In the case of Ikea, weaknesses include that there is no feedback process in order to receive the views or
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