Advantages Of Imperialism In English Language

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Imperialism comes in many ways, including in a commanding language. Nowadays, English has been considered a most influential and global language in many different areas; however, with the rise of the emphasis on this language, America 's higher education has been focusing a great deal less on foreign languages, consequently not encouraging American citizens to study and become involved with foreign languages. For instance, the George Washington University has decided upon removing foreign languages and cultures course requirement and organizing a system in which introductory foreign language courses no longer count toward fulfilling degrees at the college (Ursula Oaks). Although English is mostly known as an instrument of power in both global affairs and economy, the absence of interest nowadays in acquiring second languages has serious consequences. Envisioning that, the following reasons are some of the arguments that support the claim that monolingual speakers are at disadvantage…show more content…
Despite using part of the information on David Thomas ' source to further explain my claim, our arguments could not be more contrary. He claims that "school pupils don 't need to learn any foreign tongues" as the English language is the all-mighty powerful language. Undoubtedly, English is a mostly global language; however, he failed to make further comment on the other beneficiary arguments on why multilingualism is an advantage before wrapping up his claim, such as enhance on cognitive ability, on the workplace, and to build substantial connections between people and companies, and its workers. Coming back to source A, where Haas supports his claim that multilingualism is solely useful for national security and global economy, it is possible to refute it by returning to the argument that improving our cognitive ability and integrating ourselves into the other 's culture is extremely crucial, meaning that multilingualism is not instrumental in merely those two specific areas

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