Advantages Of Inductive Teaching Approach

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Inductive grammar teaching approach is suitable for western country not HK L2 Learner
A lot of people may admire the successful achievement of inductive grammar teaching approach using in western country. Western English learning environment is completely different from Hong Kong. Firstly, English is their first language, every grammar format already made contact with them through their daily communication.
Like learning passive voice, western student may already exposed to this kind of format so many times. They already know how to use, but they do not know the rules behind it. While teacher present some examples first and then the student generate rules and make generalizations (Widodo, 2006) such as:
1. This book is written by J.K. Rowling,
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In fact, there is some agreement exists that the most effective grammar teaching includes some deductive and inductive characteristics (Haight 2007).
While we teaching L2 learner passive voice, we can start with inductively to see if they can generate the correct structure by only given some examples. The L2 learner may end up poorly, but the key point of this process is to train the learner to familiar with rule discovery in order to enhance learning autonomy and self-reliance. Then the teacher can summarize it by using deductive approach, address what is wrongly done by the student and provide a whole structure to student at the end.
For HK L2 learner, we can apply deductive grammatical approach as majority approach and introduce inductive approach from time to time such as insert as a little part of the lesson to attract student attention since the approach is switching or use to teach some grammar such as past tense which teacher is confidence that L2 learner able to generate it by only looking at the example. I don’t think we should object one approach over the other, we should put our need on teaching on the first priority and using deductive or inductive grammatical teaching approach as tools to address the need
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When they are interested about the language, they will be more motivated when participating the activity related to the language, for example participate in an English drama performance, the more they appreciate the language, the more they participate, the faster they acquire the language. The way L2 learner is a crucial part to achieve a successful language

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