Advantages Of Industrial Automation

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PLCs are used in many industrial sectors in the world. Our paper aim is to evaluate the advantage of low cost industrial automation such as quality control, waste reduction, repeatability and integration with business system .Small amount of labor is needed. The filling and capping operation takes place in a synchronized manner. The entire system is more flexible and time saving. The filling and capping operations are controlled using a Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).By programming the PLC we control the entire system. SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is used to monitor the process. PLCs are very flexible, cost effective, space efficient and reduces complexity.
Keywords: PLC, SCADA, Sensors, Actuators, Automation.
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The benefit of automation is that it saves labor, energy, materials and improves quality, accuracy and precision. The field of automation plays an important role in the wide range of manufacturing activities. Liquid has to be filled in the soft drink and other beverage factories which is the important applications of automation. Those automation process completes production line, receipt of goods and services, the production process, filling, capping and packaging, to shipment of goods and services. Those processes are controlled and developed by using a Programmable logic Controller (PLC) and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).
To develop an automatic bottle filling and capping system using sensors.
The sensor are used to detect the position of the bottles where are kept in the position. IR sensors which are used for sensing the bottles. When the pump switch on, filling operation starts depending on the output of the sensor. When the bottle is present, the filling operation is running. If there is no bottle in the position, the pump in that position is switched off. The filling operation is completed based on timing. To clarify the methodology we have considered the basic diagram of the process as given Fig. 1.
Level sensors are used to detect the level of liquids in the bottles. There are seven level sensors used for this
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When the bottles reach at the right position, the conveyor motor switches OFF. There are four actuators used in the capping operation where three actuators move in forward direction and another is used to reverse direction. The actuator creates a force that helps the caps to fit into the bottles at the desired position. If there is no bottle in the position, the bottle does not get craped. The capping operation is done in the sequence of moving bottles when the conveyor starts to move in forward direction. This operation is completed when the bottles are present. PLC are used to get the input from the input devices and sends the signal to the output devices because of depending on the condition into the

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