Advantages Of Inquiry Based Teaching

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Introduction Topic is always been hot and never ending for discussion amongst the trainer/ tutors/ teachers/ professors is how to get students/trainees involved, how to enable them, and motivate them to learn more and to learn it better. Very often we leave the classroom feeling as if our students did not get the main points, did not understand the concepts, or perhaps, that they had not even read the required material. Many often does it seem that they just do not care. In this scenario How often do we take action to remedy to change this state of affairs? Do we resort to the same old lecture format? Do we ask the same tired essay questions? Most teaching styles follow the traditional lecture format-we talk-they listen. They probably take…show more content…
A teaching method known as 'Inquiry based teaching' has been adapted where followers claim the method builds analytic skills, improves students’ knowledge base, and promotes student engagement. Inquiry students are more likely to build hypotheses, integrate, and apply new knowledge more than students in traditional lecture-format classrooms. This method break from the traditional lecture format and ask the student to take an active role in his or her own learning. Inquiry based learning begins when students are presented with a problem and some suggestions and tools for finding the answer to that problem. They struggle, with help from the instructor, through the problem until they reach their answer, having constructed it themselves. Beyer (1979) in his book on the inquiry method…show more content…
Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is “learners being active” - a student centered pedagogy, which is different from memorizing facts in traditional approaches. Students become more engaged in their learning by taking an active role. In fact, theories of student engagement are at the heart of inquiry-based learning. Miley (2009) demonstrated that interested, focused students are more engaged students and numerous studies show that the right kind of inquiry facilitation with ample feedback goes far toward motivating students to be engaged in their own learning (Gose, 2009; Hsu, Kysh, Ramage, Resek, 2009; Greene, Marti & McClenney, 2008; Spronken-Smith, Bullard, Ray, Roberts, & Keifer,

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