Advantages Of Integrated Tourism Industry

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The tourism industry is considered as a broad and service-oriented business. Originally, individuals before have been travelling to places for survival and not for the reasons of recreation since comfort for them is having the ability to eat and satisfy needs and not to unwind (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2006). As the years passed by, travelling has become more beneficial because as the percentage of people travelling outside their region increases, it also gives a chance for other countries to develop. Hence, the growth of different tourism sectors begun. The tourism industry, then, incorporated lodgings and restaurants. The accommodation sector or more often called as hotel industry developed along with tourism, as tourists seeked for shelter and…show more content…
Thus, the rise of integrated resorts came into view. Basically, integrated resorts are a complete tourism complex giving a range of different hospitality and entertainment facilities. It is a large-scale entertainment development based around a casino. Definitions vary in different parts of the world. Mauritius, for example, is the selling of upscale residential units to foreigners. These establishments, however, do not focus mainly on gaming facilities. Hence, their establishments also provides various facilities which includes spacious hotel rooms, wide array of food and beverage outlets, numerous choices for retail shops, relaxing wellness and spas and many more. In other words, integrated resorts are to be considered as a one-stop destination for tourists because it offers almost all the things that the tourists…show more content…
Casinos are built beautiful to show its beauty, elegance and harmony. It attracts tourists excellently, most especially Chinese tourists, since it is unique to tourists yet it has a complete entertainment facilities and amenities that tourists need. Correspondingly, many tourists flock to gaming destinations such as Macau and Las Vegas, Navada to visit casinos. Several tourists also said that their journey is not complete without visiting casinos. (Wong, 2013; Wong and Rosenbaum, 2012). Many gamblers will go out of their usual environment to visit places where gambling is allowed and legal, travel to go to their favorite casinos, or have a vacation out of their trip to a gambling place. Some visit a gambling city because gambling is illegal in their place and they perceive gambling as an entertainment option. Casino attracts tourists by creating in-house hotels and resorts so that tourists would not leave their

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