Advantages Of Integrative Negotiation

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Start at the right place because negotiations outcomes often correlate to the first offer. Your first offer should be at or just a bit beyond what you believe is the other side reservation price.
If you discover that your estimate of the other negotiator’s reservation price is way off target, you will need to retreat gracefully, in this case don’t indicate that your initial offer is final and that you have a different line of reasoning ready to support your shift to a less aggressive offer.

If the other negotiator makes the first offer don’t let it set the bargaining range unless you think it’s a sensible starting point.
If you think it suggests an unfavorable or unacceptable bargaining range, steer the conversation away from numbers and
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A single proposal on the table may feel for the other side like an ultimatum. But when presented with alternative proposals the other side may compare the proposals to each other instead of to the original goals it presented.

The second kind of negotiation is integrative negotiation. In this type of negotiation people cooperate to achieve maximum benefits by integrating their interests into an agreement. This is also known as a win-win negotiation.
You might negotiate with a neighbor about the boundaries between your properties. In an integrative negotiation, there are many items and issues to be negotiated and the goal is to create as much value as possible for yourself and the other side.
Each side makes trade-offs to get the things it values most, while gaining up others less critical factors.
Sometimes your interests are not the same as those of the party with whom you’re negotiating.
This means that your ability to claim what you want from the deal does not necessarily detract from the other party’s ability to claim what he or she wants from the
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On the other hand, the information could reveal that the seller is not desperate at all preventing you from making a low initial offer
Try to uncover the other side real reservation price by initiating a conversation about interests and concerns. And be ware of the temptation to close the deal too quickly when the first acceptable proposal is on the table but little information has been exchanged. Spend a bit more time to find a deal that is better sides. Signal that the proposal on the table is worth considering but also state that it may be improved by learning more about your respective interests and concerns. Then begin the search for mutually beneficial options. Move from a particular issue to a more general description of the problem, then to theoretical solutions and finally back to the specific issue. Pay special attention to shared interests and opportunities for cooperation. Consider joint brainstorming with the other side. Set ground rules that encourage the participants to express any and all ideas. Be careful to criticize or express disapproval of any suggestion at this
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