Advantages Of Intensive Reading

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Reading is the act or skill of reading and Strategy is a plan of action made to reach a goal. Reading strategy is a decisive, intellectual action that an individual acquires when they are reading to help build and preserve meaning. There are two reading strategies that are used mostly in schools, colleges and technical institutions and are taught in communication and study skills course which is extensive reading and intensive reading. Extensive reading is the widening of knowledge of a pointed topic through large quantity reading. It is commonly used for knowing the country and the world as a whole which increases knowledge and widens our perspective though general understanding and pleasure. The definition and purpose of extensive reading…show more content…
The reader acquires a variety of vocabulary thus increases the quality of writing and reading for low level readers. Secondly, it makes the reader be able to interpret text by using word attack skills and text attack skills which improves the skill of reading. Lastly, it makes the reader to understand or comprehend difficult text in a book or reading material. Drawbacks or limitations of intensive reading are firstly, most time is spent on reading a small amount of text which is time consuming. Secondly, Reading new material mostly containing complex vocabulary and grammar is a long and slow process in order for the reader to understand the text in the reading material. Lastly, there is little practice of reading a larger detail of text since the reader will be focusing in a small amount of text which makes the reader to be exhausted on a small amount of text while there is a lot to cover in a reading…show more content…
Firstly, intensive reading is a way of gaining and acquiring specialist knowledge since it focuses on a single book or reading material while extensive reading is a way of acquiring general knowledge since it involves reading a number of books or reading material that is related or not related. Secondly, intensive reading is reading books or reading material with a purpose while extensive reading is reading a vast number of reading materials for pleasure. Thirdly, intensive reading method involves concentration, deeper understanding and interpretation of text and focus in a small area of detail in a reading material which is reading in depth whilst extensive reading method is reading the possible easy-to-understand books, articles and documents in a wide area of detail in a reading material which is reading in
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