Advantages Of Intercultural Communication

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Permanent problem; How can we make the situation better of intercultural communication in a globalizing world When communicating with a foreigner, have you ever felt stressful because of misunderstanding of each other? I assume that most of you have experienced this situation. In addition, this is one of the considerable issue in this 21st century. This issue is called the intercultural communication, that is analyzed by Laray B. Barna and written in to a document. She mainly wrote about the 6 stumbling blocks that explain the issue of other cultures communicating, how can we overcome with this circumstance, and the efficient way to communicate with foreigners. The 6 stumbling blocks include Assumptions of Similarities, Language Difference,…show more content…
What do you think the definition of this flower? Some people might think that this shows the expression of love and honesty. Nevertheless, in Italy white flowers are given to person who are dead to sorrow their death. As you can see, knowledge you learn is not useful in other countries because what you learn is totaly different because of cultures and religion. I consider that this video connects to the 6th stumbling block. This stumbling block explains that we should accept cultural diversity with interest. We have to understand that people have different kinds of knowledge because their own culture is different. In addition, before communicating with foreigners, we should search for a common knowledge and study. Understanding different kinds of cultures will make a smooth intercultural communication. We should also condone little mistakes that happens because of different culture.Therefore, I believe that accepting various culture will make people understand people who have different opinions. By doing this, I believe that we can be able to improve the problem of intercultural communication. In conclusion, I assume that intercultural communication has become one of the most considerable issue in the 21st century. I believe that having strong bonds between the countries is crucial in this globalized world. To make a stable relationship, having intercultural communication is the most fundamental way. In addition, there are other controversy that we have to solve by corroborating with the other countries. Therefore, all the countries have to understand this problem and solve the circumstance of the intercultural
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