Advantages Of Internet Tv

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The evolution of TV services is a perfect illustration of technological advance and innovation of new products. With the digitalization of TV services, many kinds of television platforms emerge, including the traditional cable television, terrestrial broadcasters (divided into analogue and digital), satellite broadcasters, Internet Protocol and OTT modes (OECD, 2013). Due to the appearance of Internet TV, the access to television broadcasting is not limited to local or national levels, but widely spread to different regions in the globe. The 2013 paper released by OECD pointed out that the evolution of online television in fact brings a lot of benefits such as reducing existing barriers for new producers and companies to enter the market, expanding…show more content…
It provided some background information about Internet TV such as its characteristics and advantages. While Internet TV has brought some obvious advantages to viewers, content providers and broadcasting companies, it has also resulted in complicated issues and challenges. The above literature has attempted to summarize the challenges confronting Internet TV on its way towards market success. Next, the above section has taken a new perspective to view the role of Internet TV in the society. Present literature has shown that Internet TV does not only represent a new form of multimedia channel, but also highly associated with societal and cultural factors. Such understanding will be useful in the interpretation of market data such as the buying behavior of customers. The findings of the research have also provided some suggestions on the areas of improvement. The above literature review has provided detailed academic knowledge about the evolution of Internet TV. In the following, this research will draw a clear and more comprehensive picture of the evolution of Internet TV and provide some business models to analyze the operation of TV
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