Advantages Of Interracial Marriage In Malaysia

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Malaysia is a country that combine with many people from different races. We have more than 30 types of races in our country and this makes us have so many difference religion and became unique all around the world. Hence, this unique has became the reason that why the interracial marriages occurred in Malaysia. Interracial marriages also known as marriage between people form difference races. In Malaysia, many people think that interracial marriage is kind of marriage that bring many problems and difficulty because both of them are from different races and have their own religion. This has make the problems that after marrying, they do not know which one’s religion they should follow and everyone wants to follow owns religions because we all want to pass our own religion to the next generation. The society also one of the difficulty as many people nowadays still cannot accept interracial marriages happened in our country. One of the Malaysian lawyer has also claimed that interracial marriages will harming the national harmony. I totally disagree with this kind of statement because there are also a lot of benefits that we can gain from interracial marriages that happened in Malaysia. In my opinion, as long as both of the couple are decided to marry each other, I believe that they have prepared well to accept all facts and problems they are going to faces. For me, interracial couple have different opinion compare to others couple, they have their own opinion and view

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