Advantages Of Iso Ahola Theory

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2.3 The basic idea of the Iso Ahola theory
Iso Ahola sets out the idea that experiments are only able to show evidence of phenomena but never can prove a negative. This makes it impossible to falsify psychological ideas like the ego-depletion effect. He argues that reproducibility in psychology is unattainable and that psychological phenomena, by their nature, are not fully reproducible because humans can be astonishingly simple or irreducibly complex at various times.
Besides that, Iso Ahola further claims that researchers have largely focused on isolated indicators such as effect size and replicability to determine whether psychological phenomena exist. Contrasting these practices, he proposes ten criteria to vet psychological phenomena.
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From Iso Ahola theory, it establishes the escaping/seeking model which proposes two sets of motivational forces driving individuals in all aspects of their life. It is whether their desire is to escape personal or interpersonal environment and search for personal and interpersonal rewards. The strengths that can get from this theory is it can give a positive emotion. When the tourist goes for their personal environment escape and went to the destination that they felt they can get away from an environment that they usually go, they have a chance to develop positive mind where there forget about their problem and stress. If they choose for interpersonal environment escape, it also can make positive emotions because they can avoid people they did not want to meet and avoid interactions with other…show more content…
Tourism meets both of these forces by provided that outlet for avoiding the job, family and the tourist responsibilities and providing great moment, learning, and relaxation at the same time.
Most of the research determine motivational factors for a traveler used Iso Ahola model because of the main elements of the model which is escape and seeking can be combined depending on the particular situation and tourists ’goals. It is important to understand human behavior and Iso Ahola forces because, in the hospitality industry, the satisfaction of the tourist is important in order to gain their loyalty in this industry. Word-of-mouth is important because when the tourist spread positive feedback, then it is easy to attract more people and increase the level of loyalty among the
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