Advantages Of Job Enrichment Theory

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Job enrichment can be described as a medium through which management can motivate self-driven employees by assigning them additional responsibility normally reserved for higher level employees. By doing this, employees feel like their work has meaning and is important to the company. This theory is based on the premise that employees have a natural tendency to want to succeed and are eager to be trusted with a bigger role in the company.
Frederick Herzberg (1923-2000), clinical psychologist and pioneer of 'job enrichment', is regarded as one of the great original thinkers in management and motivational theory. He originally developed the concept of ‘job enrichment’ in 1968, in an article that he published on pioneering status
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job satisfaction) and dissatisfaction are driven by separate factors that are completely independent of each other. To this effect he implies that just because an individual experiences a decrease in dissatisfaction, does not mean that the result is also an increase in satisfaction.
Effectiveness or ineffectiveness of ‘job enrichment’ theory:
It is necessary to understand that job enrichment not just comes with all the beneficial and motivational elements. Unfortunately, it can be triggered with some of the limitations as well. And these limitations can make certain things clear about job enrichment with its own nature of flaw.
1. Increases work load:
As it is explained earlier and some of the employees of the company even agree that those companies which provide job enrichment to their employees expects a lot of their employees working structure. And to understand that working structure, employers of the company increase the work load eventually. It is even possible that job enrichment can mean a little extra for the employees in terms of their work load provided.
2. Additional skills
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And that is because of the lack of knowledge of the employees. For example, if an employee is being provided with a job enrichment along with an extra load of work, then there is a possibility that the employee would not be capable of handling that load of work because of his/her lack of knowledge about that work.
4. Incapability:
Working under intense pressure is surely an effective and important trait. But after explaining all the above statements it is very much easy to understand that if an employee will be allotted with a job enrichment there is a possibility that particular employee would not be able to handle such kind of work pressure in the name of job enrichment. Therefore, it is quite clear that not everything that comes out of job enrichment can be beneficial for the employees nor for the employers.
5. Mis-communication:
Because all sorts of problems and issues with a job enrichment there is a possibility that the company can even face some sort of miscommiunication between their employees and the employers. And such type of mis-communication can lead the company to its end. Therefore, it is necessary for both the party that they need to handle such type of difference of point of view in a matured

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