Advantages Of Keeping Pets Essay

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Keeping Pets Make Human Life Better
The first evidence for human beings living with animals is 12, 0000 years ago which is in 10000 BC; prove that humans and dogs had a special bond between them . It is a fact that humans have kept animals as pets since ancient times. How about today? Nowadays, keeping pets at home is gaining increasing popularity. Other people around the globe seem to have tamed many sorts of animals as companions and pets from goldfish and birds to monkeys and reptiles. It seems very common in human quality to enjoy the company of tame animals. Today’s pets can be seen in many countries, especially richer western nations where people have the time and money to look after them. Pets have become far more familiar with mankind community, and
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About 70 million homes claiming at least one pet as a member of the household in USA (Dotson, 2008). There are many reasons why some human owning pets. This is because some of the humans think that animal can bring dependable association to human’s life which more consistent than human with the human relations. This can be proven by the true story of Hachiko. This is story about Hachiko a pure breed Japanese Akita dog who wait for his owner at the train station and he had no idea about the death of his owner for ten years long. Hachiko’s story that never gave up gained a lot of attention in national media and inspiring many people around the world. They also built a statue of Hachiko in 1934 in front of Shibuya Station (Maria, 2017). Not only that, Hachiko’s story also made a Japanese movie called “Hachiko Monogatari” (1987) and American version movie called “Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale”(2009). Through such story, we all can confirm that the mutualism between pet and human is real. Therefore, I totally agree that keeping pet can give companionship and loyalty to the
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