Advantages Of Leadership Style

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Democracy is whereby people are allowed to say whatever they want to say or want to do in order to lead their organizations or countries in the right direction. Most of the better countries in the world use democracy as a form of government. Most of those counties do not experience bad things such as civil unrest. Democracy is when an organization is run by all people in that organization and as for the country is when a country is ruled by all people that it is why there is need for general elections.
Some leadership styles focus its energy on participation especially by employees. The democratic style of leadership is one of those styles that focus on participation. In this style, the leader uses individual workers' creativities, skills and knowledge to help
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They advocate and encourage creativity among members, and people are always highly engaged in projects and decisions making. As a result, everyone including the leader and the subordinates tend to have high job satisfaction and high productivity. (Duane, Schultz, & Ellen, 2010)
List of Advantages of Democratic Leadership Style
It is suitable for almost every business.
Solution to the problems last long and they keep on revisiting them to make amendments where possible
It also promotes team work within group members, which is very important to every each institution, no matter however large or small the organization is.
Have solutions to more complex situations.
Duane et al (2010, p.89) explained the above advantage by saying that, “This type of leadership uses leaders who are typically excellent at solving complex problems, with their ability to work collaboratively with their members gathering a consensus of opinions to address issues properly. It also encourages innovation, so solutions to strategic and complex problems will be found.”
It encourages and promotes
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