Advantages Of Learning English As Second Language

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Introductory Paragraph:
Nowadays, in this globalize world, it is important for every individual to learn and to communicate in different languages to succeed within any society.1 Many people everywhere use languages as a resource to educate children in their early years because there are some advantages when learning to speak two or more different languages when still being a child.2 The ability to speak in two different languages is known as bilingualism.3 According to Rampton, B. (1990) “Bilingual describes a learner who uses two or more languages to communicate.4 There are various interpretations with regard to attitude, proficiency and use but, Bilingualism itself is the ability to use two languages”.5 It means that bilingualism is the ability to understand and express two languages fluently, no matter if the speaker manages the four macro skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.6 I genuinely believe that learning English as second language for children brings advantages as such it enhance cultural understanding in child and help to boosts a child self-esteem or confident level.7
Body Paragraph 1:
Learning English as second language brings some vital advantages as it helps to enhance cultural understanding in child and capable of boosting child’s confident level.8 The first advantage of learning another language as a child has been shown to enhance cultural understanding because children are expose to other culture.9 As a result, culture becomes a tool for
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