Advantages Of Learning English Through Movies

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The Advantages of Learning English through Movies
Unlike audio or printed text, which can be highly informative, educational, and developmental, movies have the advantage that combines the various aspects of the act of speech interaction. In addition to the aspect of communication, teletext provides visual information about the location of the event, appearance and non-verbal behavior of participants communicating in a specific situation, often caused by the specifics of the age, sex and psychological characteristics of the person speaking. It is not a secret that not only listening activities can be successfully performed with the help of the movies. (Hardaway,2006) claims that writing can also be taught with the help of the films in a way
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The reason for this is that practically any film is good for the underlying analysis and discussion. However, teachers resort to analyzing the parts of the films, which put emphasis on the everyday, lively communication. Teaching foreign languages in the modern world has a communicative focus, so the film is a unique tool for learning and speaking foreign language communication. Movies allow to teach the foreign language communication, taking into account the different socio-linguistic factors presented using visual information, and are largely determined by the nature of speech utterances of the communicators, namely, their social status, the nature of the relationship, spatial and temporal conditions of communication and others. The film Good Will Hunting may serve as a nice example. It is worth mentioning that the film Good Will Hunting describes the life of a young man Will Hunting who has not found the meaning of it yet. It is due to the reason that he suffers from a psychological disorder that is difficult to overcome as it lasts since childhood. Even though Will Hunting usually resorts to violence, he is a very intelligent person with promising opportunities. Being noticed by the professor of Harvard University, he experiences drastic changes in his life that are accompanied…show more content…
A film is a powerful stimulus to the study of foreign languages. Students are able to apply and expand their knowledge by means of an unfamiliar authentic material. When learners are aware that they are able to understand the foreign language in its authenticity, they increase their self-esteem and motivation to study the subject. The use of movies on the lessons of the English language allows students to develop language guess and broaden their horizons. They are provided with the opportunity to learn about the history, traditions and customs of the people of the country the language is spoken. Working with the films involves four types of communicative activities: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The focus is on listening, the most difficult aspect of learning a foreign language. Thus, the films make the learning process more effective. Also, the use of videos in the classroom increases the activity of the students. Because of the movies, students receive a huge amount of diverse information, which is very helpful in further work on the stage, which takes its place after the review; therefore, they create the conditions for self-learners. It is essential to add that the use of a movie is a very important modern technique to improve the quality of knowledge of students and encourage them to apply their knowledge in
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