Advantages Of Liberalism

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One of the pillars of liberalism as an IR theory is a shared faith in Democratic Peace theory that postulates the idea of enhanced feasibility of peace and security through democratization. According to the theory, democratic states tend not to fight each other due to the certain constraints, such as economic interdependence, international institutions and political system. Moreover, it can be concluded that all liberals "share a general mistrust of military spending as a means to achieve security" and agree upon the fact that "democratic world will be a more peaceful world". Nonetheless, if one is to look at liberalism more thoughtfully, one shall notice a clear incontinency within the liberal tradition of thought. While
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Defending this view, they claim that 5th PA is to be interpreted in consistence with the "rest of Kant 's views" , more precisely, in consistence with the fifth Definitive article that says: "The civil constitution of every state is to be republican". Since the article is definitive, they assume that a right of non-intervention (5PA) is to be applied only within the states which have already advanced to democracy because "internal legitimacy is what gives states the shield of sovereignty against foreign intervention" . To put it differently, a nonintervention principle is to be considered as a definitive dogma that determines an established liberal alliance, not "as a step that must be taken before the alliance is formed." One might notice that there is a clear gap in this position: by initially disregarding the fact that despotic state can be legitimate and can claim a legitimate authority over its people as well, they create a misleading ground for their argumentation. Such an interpretation seems to be far-fetched: in none of his texts Kant explicitly licenses liberal states a right to "force other states to embrace republicanism" , instead he is clear about the fact that "no one may jeopardize a civil condition, however imperfect, by attempting to violently establish a…show more content…
They touch upon the consequences, but the true core of discord that influences the interpretation of Kant 's ideas stems from the dissociation in the understanding of human nature. When interpreting Kant, scholars already have a formed vision of human nature that affects their way of reading the Perpetual Peace. View on human nature is a veritable crux, a starting point of the distinction within the liberal tradition. Optimistic assumptions about human goodness and progress underpin the idea of easy political transformation endorsing military intervention to spread democracy. Contrarily, if one believes in a "cautious if not dark, human nature" but remains optimistic about man 's ability to evolve through reason ,then "individual reason and political institutions develop slowly" , through a gradual evolution thus ,accordingly, military intervention cannot "hasten democratic governance" . In other words, offensive liberalists assume that the reason can come quickly to all individuals making a revolutionary quick change of the world, considering military intervention an efficient mean to achieve a more peaceful world , while defensive liberalists believe not in revolution, but in a evolution, a gradual institutional development which cannot be easily reached through an
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