Advantages Of Living In Ho Chi Minh City

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Can life in Ho Chi Minh City be considered a paradise? It is so difficult to respond to this question. Nowadays, there are so many people nationwide who choose Ho Chi Minh City as their second home because they think they will benefit a lot from this city, such as schools, hospitals, or money. Those having lived in Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat for ages will easily recognize that these are three typical differences(3) which make Da Lat a better place to live in than Ho Chi Minh: weather, transportation, and cost of living.
One noticeable difference between the two places is the weather . Ho Chi Minh City has two distinct seasons: a very humid, rainy season and a long, hot, dry season throughout the year . The highest temperature climbs to approximately 39°C around noon in late April and the lowest might be about 16°C in the early mornings of late December. In the dry season, December through April, it is really hot and humid. The hot climate is hard enough on the people that they have to turn the air conditioner all day. In the rainy period of May to November, it is a little cold but still humid because it has been constantly raining during this period of time . It is not easy to live in such a hot city because one always breaks into perspiration and feel
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With such the cool weather throughout the year, little transportation, and less cost of living, Da Lat is an ideal destination for people who are really looking for quietness, fresh air, and coolness to settle in . It is in such perfect condition that the population in Da Lat has been gradually increasing in recent years. Now, it is a strong recommendation for those definitely wanting to live in Da Lat that life in Da Lat can be considered a paradise. Therefore, living in Da Lat is still the best choice to consider future settlement and investment

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