Advantages Of Global Positioning

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III. Location-based marketing
According to the author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, David Meerman Scott, “the adding of Global Positioning System (GPS) are capability to mobile has transformed a once mundane voice-only mobile phone into a targeted weapon focused on proximate surroundings. It mean that GPS will allow the users of mobile devices to easily find a product or service that are familiarity of their surroundings and at the same time give opportunity to the business to give the consumers with information that is valid, more accurate and time-sensitive than ever before. The most promise of m-commerce is the ability to pinpoint the location of the customer at a certain time. But in the reality, location-based marketing give the
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Social media play the supporting element for many types of mobile marketing campaigns like example a 2D-code on your mobile devices will bring you to the company’s social media service in which the situation of actual change of marketing information exchange happens. The advantage of social mobile media is it will allow the businesses to distribute their marketing messages that are suitable only for a specific location end time period. This advantage is really related to the location-based service. According to the Persaud and Azhar (2012), mobile marketing has a very high potential of going viral. This is because it is very likely and easier for consumers to share their information and also experience about the offers or products within their social networks. While marketers see mobile devices as marketing channels, from the consumer’s side they adopt mobile devices to enhance their private and social lives. And because of this different, mobile marketers must have a strategic to ensure their mobile marketing and advertising strategies are not too intrusive. This is especially suitable in pull-marketing, where one of the major challenges for many businesses is to identify and understand what are the consumer’s motivation to willingly give a marketer permission for marketing. This is how do the consumers perceive the trade-off of privacy…show more content…
Because of this application, it makes mobile devices become so personal and at the same can identifiable for their users. Businesses also take this opportunity with make some innovation with build specific m-commerce application to give value added to the customer and at the same time get new revenue opportunities for their businesses. For this m-commerce application, it can divided into four major categories. That is communication, information, commerce and entertainment. Android, Windows and iOS is the main operating systems of mobile devices in the world. Because of more than 1 600 000 applications was built in this three operation systems, is makes marketers to identify which is the best platforms to develop their content. When one customer start to install the application of the company, it show that the trust and an indicator of willingness to enter is called as commercial relationship. Hopkins and Turner (2012) was said that the main key to make the application of one company become a successful marketing is they must have a customer value. This is mean customer will easily forgetting if the application is not useful, very difficult to adapt and not compelling. Because of the usage rate of application in mobile marketing become grow,

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