Advantages Of Logistic Growth Model

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In the 21st century, population studies are very significant in looking at characteristics of a country, habitat, community and other environments. For example, in the human population, people are interested in a country’s population growth/decay, as the production of goods, social reforms/support or other needs of the people can be suggested. If a population is decreasing, there can be efforts made to improve medications and social support to increase the population and decrease the death rates. But do we actually know how population is modeled and how accurate these models are? This exploration aims at comparing logistic and exponential growth models, the two main models used for population growth, and to determine the extent of how realistic…show more content…
Although the exponential growth model is the basis of this model, population ecologists have developed this to model the reality of limited resources. This model illustrates how a population may increase exponentially until it reaches the carrying capacity (the number of individuals of a particular species than an environment can support) of its environment. The logistic growth model looks like this when it is illustrated…show more content…
The first model, the exponential growth model, merely can only predict the future population. However, this is a very unrealistic model, as there environmental factors that may affect the population to grow exponentially. This can be seen in the general equation, as the variable K, which represents the carrying capacity, is not included. Therefore, the second model, logistic growth model, is more realistic, as it can be applied to real life situations for its considerations made on the carrying capacity of an environment. The [1 - (P(t))/K] included in the general equation shows how the logistic model recognizes that the environment has a limit to the amount of resources that can support a population. As expressed through this exploration, the exponential growth model is more simple and easy to illustrate, yet real life situations regarding population growth is more complex; as a result, the logistic growth model is considered more
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