London Underground Marketing Strategy

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How marketing strategies are used by London Underground in order to gain an competitive advantage in today’s increasingly competitive business environment Gurpreet Singh Introduction Every year, businesses spend large amounts of capital and time on advertising their products. Advertising is done through Mass media including press, TV, radio and posters (Pickton D and Broderick. A, 2007 pg 108). Through various advertising campaigns companies hope to achieve number different objectives. These include product awareness, attracting new customers, which will hopeful come to their pivotal goal of achieving incremental sales. In today’s fast technological world, organisations and their advertisers, have increased choices and creativity, which means they need to have effective market research and knowledge. In this report I will looking at how London underground uses Market strategies in order to ensure that they are always keeping up with the needs of the consumers and maintain a competitive advantage. History of London Underground London Underground when it opened back in 1863 was the first Underground system in the World. Construction for the project started in 1843. It was constructed by…show more content…
A differentiation advantage could be gained through well-researched and developed products being produced, or even through low prices being offered. A differentiation strategy is sometimes seen as having a bigger advantage compared to that of a company who implements a cost leadership strategy, as the customer is being offered a product which is unavailable elsewhere, giving the consumer a motive to buy. Also as the product is differentiated, the company is able to charge higher prices, as they do not have competitors competing with similar products (Johnson et al.

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